Deposits are non refundable and go towards the total cost of your tattoo.

I require 72 hours notice for deposits to remain valid for future appointments.

Clients who arrive more than 30 minutes late will be rebooked and required to pay a new deposit.

Deposits for flash are for that design only.

Deposits do not cover change of heart (deciding on a different design). 

Deposits are forfeit for any rebook after 6 months of cancellation.

Deposits are forfeit after 3 months if client ceases to book

For design and concept changes i may require a new deposit based on complexity and notice given.

Clients must be 18+ with valid id.  deposits are forfeit if you fail to inform you are under age 72 hours before your appointment.

Deposits may be required for touch ups that are repeatedly missed or cancelled.

A new deposit may be required if appointment is rebooked multiple times regardless of notice given.

Deposits & fee amounts are determined by me based on varying details. 

I am an independent artist and this is my livelihood. please be respectful for my time and policy.

*please let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding your deposit.*